Shakti Pre-Broiler PBS-B1

Broiler Starter (B1): Feed for birds from day 15 – 4th week  of age

Shakti Broiler Starter is commercially manufactured feed best for growing broiler birds.

  • The broiler starter is aimed to achieve a higher growth rate, better feed utilization rate, and low disease incidences at the early stage of the life of a chicken.
  • It is highly balanced in nutrition energy, amino acids, mineral and vitamins for better feed conversion ratios.
  • Shakti broiler starter is made from the best quality raw materials worldwide.

Product Features

  • Produced from highly digestible ingredients
  • Enhance early chick development and attains good final yield.
  • The use of probiotics and essential supplements lowers disease incidences and proper gut health.


Weight                                50000gm

Feed type                           Broiler starter

Packaging                            50 kg polybag