SHAKTI Broiler Finisher (B2)

Broiler Finisher (B2) - Feed for broilers from 4th week onwards to market.

The formulation of the Shakti broiler finisher (B2) is aimed at achieving higher meat yield.

  • Well feed intake creates good feed utilization rate and Low disease incidences.
  • It is highly balanced in nutrition and well-balanced protein and energy ratio to get faster and maximum weight gain.

Product Features

  • Shakti broiler finisher is formulated with a well-balanced protein-energy ratio to get faster, & maximum weight gain.
  • Excellent broiler finisher feed with excellent feed conversion ratio (F. C. R.)
  • Uniform particle size for flock uniformity with excellent muscle mass.


Weight                              50000 gm

Feed type                        Broiler finisher feed

Packaging                        50 kg polybag

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