Himalayan Happy Pet is dog food, made in Nepal; in technical collaboration with WISIUM, a leading pet food company of France. 

Himalayan Happy Pet is currently available in 3 kg, laminated PET packs. The laminated packs keep the product fresh for a longer time. The dog food is chicken flavored and formulated for adult dogs of all breeds. The dog food composition is made up of maize, broken-rice, chicken meat, chicken oil, rice polish, flavors, yeast extracts. It is enriched with vitamins and minerals for optimum nutrition.

Consumption of dog food helps the K9 with its daily physical needs. It also supports soft and shiner coat and supplies readily digestible energy source which helps to maintain healthy activity levels and playfulness. Dog food also promotes the proper functioning of the digestive track and optimal absorption of nutrients. Furthermore, providing animal-based protein for your dog helps to develop strong muscles for daily activity.

Himalayan Happy Pet is available in general trade & modern trade outlets and pet stores in Kathmandu.