Nimbus Krishi Kendra

phoca thumb m nkk outletNimbus Krishi Kendra, a one stop Agri Center is a revolutionary venture in the agricultural sector in Nepal. The first center is opened in Kalimati, Kathmandu, now also in Narayanghat and Birgunj. The plan is to open a chain of 200 specialized agri-input centers which would be opened around the country. This is a step forward to leverage the existing Nimbus distribution network of 600 dealers and sub-dealers all over Nepal. The chain would be a combination of company owned stores and franchised stores. The products would range from Seeds, Crop protection, Fertilizers, Plant nutrients, Veterinary medicines, Feed supplements, Feed for various commercial livestock , Agricultural equipment, Machineries and tools.

The idea behind this is to assist the farmers in increasing the yields ; provide phoca thumb m nkk insidetransparent  & easy market access. To enhance the capacity of the farmers, these stores will be complimented with a techno- commercial team and a 24 hour technical (toll free) helpline (which is now in effect). These stores will also act as the direct linkage between the producers and processors / retailers. These stores will be complimented with modern ware housing facilities, which will not only provide storage on rental basis but also facilitate financing through ware house receipts.

Nimbus Krishi Kendra comes with a commitment to uplift agricultural system by creating easy access to quality products at standardized price.

Furthermore, Nimbus Krishi Kendra is attempting towards increasing women employment in agriculture sector as all Nimbus Krishi Kendras will be run by women with a vision to find a proper economic and technical basis to empower women.