The Nimbus Story

Much like the splendor of the nimbus cloud and the grace with which it changes shape, the story of NIMBUS shows a dynamic ability to manage change with exponential growth. The root of NIMBUS’ success lies in its capacity to adapt and respond to market opportunities and to take risks. NIMBUS prides itself in strong communication and information flow both internally and externally. With focus on accountability and teamwork NIMBUS promises delivery of commitments it encourages experimentation for innovation but with socially responsible approach.

Its leadership quotes:

“Taking a risk is not about leaping in the dark; it is about seeing the potential when it is dawn. Be quick but don’t hurry.”

dynamic change

The NIMBUS story embodies the spirit of entrepreneurship and emanate from youth with ambition and vision, who wanted change and challenges. Its growth has been non-sequential, accidental and fortunate. The company started as a trading company; however, within few years it ventured into the poultry industry without previous knowledge or experience. But what followed changed the dynamics of the company and enabled it to become the market leader in agri-business.

driving innovation

Its belief in technological empowerment and quality has helped NIMBUS build a strong product and customer base. A constant desire to innovate and change has allowed NIMBUS to integrate its forward and backward linkages. Farmers and dealers admire NIMBUS’s efforts in integrating farmers in its production processes. Activities such as creating a technical team to support farmers and provide farmer training, establishing bird flu relief fund, a toll free helpline, and the Agro-warehousing project have contributed immensely in helping farmers improve the value of their produce. The ongoing experiment in providing customer centric products and facilities such as NIMBUS Kishan Credit Card (KCC) and NIMBUS Krishi Kendra (NKK) has also helped NIMBUS build a strong positive reputation in the market. Similarly, methods for input production with soya manufacturing and in-house maize grading have contributed to company growth.


The leap that NIMBUS has taken from a trading company to one of the biggest agribusiness in Nepal comes from a constant desire to outwit the competitors and be the first mover in the market. As highlighted above, NIMBUS was the first pellet feed processing industry for poultry, cattle, swine and aqua with its produce even exported to India. It is also the first and the only company to have a Nepal Standard (NS) certification for poultry feed. NIMBUS laboratory has state of the art amenities and was the first laboratory to be equipped with High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) and Near Infrared Spectroscopy (NIR). NIMBUS introduced the first vertical storage system-SILO and is also known as the first agribusiness company to have an ISO 9001:2000 certification.

nurturing talent

NIMBUS’s success also lies with its Human Capital. NIMBUS has created an environment where employees are provided with the freedom to express their ideas, are given clarity in their respective roles, and are offered a large scope for growth. Not only has this approach nurtured homegrown talent, but it has also attracted qualified and experienced professionals from outside. Those who work for NIMBUS also appreciate the learning nature of the management and its mentality to change as required by the market.

enabling inclusive growth

The future is bright for NIMBUS. Given that the company makes products that are necessary for an agrarian economy like Nepal’s, the vision to become a publicly owned company by 2020 is both achievable and highly relevant. The anticipated introduction of agro warehousing, necessary to modernize the agricultural system in Nepal, will put NIMBUS on the front foot. This new type of infrastructure will offer farmers greater price security and flexibility and increase access to markets and access to information. Agro warehousing will also allow for integrated farming approaches through contract farming, and lead farmers to greater production and marketing. In this way NIMBUS will contribute to inclusive growth and a national move from subsistence to commercial farming.

giving back to society

Being socially responsible has long been at the heart of NIMBUS’s work culture. Activities like training to farmers related to poultry, cattle and maize and establishment of national level awards for veterinarian students of IAAS and HICAST can be taken as a commendable initiative in motivating students of agriculture. Similarly, employing girls from Maiti Nepal in its NKK, demonstrates the philosophy and fundamental beliefs of NIMBUS’s social commitment. With a belief that enterprise can only develop successfully and be prosperous if all its stakeholders are prosperous and in a position to grow, are resilient to economic and natural shocks/disaster, NIMBUS started Shakti Helping Hand, to provide compensation to the farmers who suffered due to outbreak of bird flu, and Poultry insurance.

Future of Nimbus

Following in the footstep of history and internalizing a strong organizational value and ethos NIMBUS will continue to innovate and challenge the current market trends. With fostering partnerships with various stakeholders at the core NIMBUS promises to continue its supply of quality products for the end customers. In the midst of current exponential growth along with future market potential NIMBUS has set a BHAG of 20-30-40, this juggernaut of a task is how high NIMBUS aims. The internal and external value chains are already communicated of the challenging and opportunity filled task ahead, and they have begun their ground work in achieving it.