Edible Oil

PBT has now ventured into extracting, refining, packaging and marketing of edible oil; namely: sunflower oil, mustard oil and soybean oil under two different brands. The Alpha level plant installed at PBT has separate units for mustard and sunflower & soybean oil processing. The mustard unit has a production capacity of 60T per day; sunflower oil capacity amounts to 50T and soybean 100T per day. PBT sources local raw materials for production of edible oil in addition to importing seed and crude oil from third country. The edible oil produced is sold in Nepali market in the first phase; export will also be looked at in the future.

The edible oil has been categorized into two segments: mass and premium. Sunaulo Kiran (soybean oil) is the mass category oil being packed by PBT. Byanjan (sunflower and mustard oil) is the premium category oil on par with international oil brands.