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SoyaMax Launch

February 25, 2014

The production of Soybean De-oiled Cake (DOC), one of the major raw material for the production of animal and poultry feed, has now started in Nepal. Probiotech Ind. Pvt. Ltd takes its pride to announce the first ever production of Soy DOC in the country. Our company has been successfully introducing cutting edge products and technologies in the agriculture sector since a decade now. The company under Nimbus group which is renowned in the country with its feed brand ‘Shakti’ is confident that the production of soybean oil and DOC will completely relieve the country from import of such raw materials and even open new avenues for exports of the DOC. The production plant with a state of art technology has been installed in Birgunj with a capital of more than NRs. 300 million. The plant capacity is 300 MT per day.

The production of Soy DOC has also addressed the quality concerns faced by the entrepreneurs while importing the raw material. Our company guarantees the superiority in the product quality over the imported product. We proudly announce that our product is unadulterated with enhanced quality and protein content of 46%. The company has its own inbuilt high-tech lab for the quality testing and control of the products. The product is marketed under the brand name SoyaMaxx.

We believe that the start of the soya oil and DOC production in the country will encourage the agri-entrepreneurs to focus on soya cultivation. Also the easy supply of the raw materials within the country itself guarantees safe returns to the agri-entrepreneurs. Our company also aims to move forward with coordination and collaborations with government and non-government organizations for the soya market development in the country.

Our company has also received positive feedbacks during its test launching in Indian markets.